Red deer stew 3kg – Frozen – Unit

Red deer stew 3kg – Frozen – Unit

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The dimensions of the containers are 24 X 19 X 14 cm

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This stew meat is derived from our bone broth production.

Low in fat, it is an important source of easily digestible proteins.

Very tasty, it’s the perfect topping to add to your pet’s meal to enhance the taste.


Red Deer


This product is great to add to your pet’s bowl in order to add a different taste without compromising his digestion.

There isn’t any suggested serving but it is not a complete and well balanced formula.

Notice! This product is not a meal replacement, only something to add to it.


Before opening : keep frozen
Once opened : can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days.

If you’re not planning on consuming all of the content, you can freeze it in portions.


Make sure the packaging is intact.

If not, do not sell/use the product and contact us by clicking on the chatbox at the bottom-right of the page so we can make a follow-up with you.