Pork Fatty Mix 300g – Frozen – Box of 6

Pork Fatty Mix 300g – Frozen – Box of 6

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This product is a mix of beef marrow and fat.

Fats found in food provide the fuel needed in order for the metabolism to function adequately.

Helps :

  • Easily digestible energy source.
  • Absorption of essential vitamins.
  • Regulate metabolic functions.

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Pork Marrow, Fat and Bone broth (Water, Pork bones, Cider Vinegar, Sunflower Lecithin) in variable proportions

No salt added • Preservative free
Made from pork bones graded for human consumption

Guaranteed analysis

Since proportions may vary, we can’t say precisely what the guaranteed analysis is.

To have a better idea, here’s what a lab analysis of a sample tells us.

Water : 41.07%
Proteins : 3.41%
Fats : 55.71%
Fibers : 1.06%

Feeding guide


  • Train a lot
  • Are convalescing
  • Are gestating/suckling
  • Are young and growing
  • Are underweight

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Before opening : keep frozen
Once opened : can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days.

If you’re not planning on consuming all of the content, you can freeze it in portions.


Make sure the packaging is intact.

If not, do not sell/use the product and contact us by clicking on the chatbox at the bottom-right of the page so we can make a follow-up with you.