Beef pimikan 28g – Dehydrated – Box of 6

Beef pimikan 28g – Dehydrated – Box of 6

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A great snack you can bring with you anywhere so your pet never runs out of energy while practicing his activities. It can also be used as a topper for picky eaters, but every pet will enjoy this high quality snack.

Pimikan is a mix of fat, dehydrated liver, meat, cranberries and raw and grinded sunflower seeds. This snack can be stored at room temperature.

Pimikan is rich in FAT, thus providing the fuel needed in order for the metabolism to function adequately.

Advantages :

  • An easily digestible energy source
  • Helps absorption of essential vitamins
  • Activates recovery
  • Great taste


Beef and/or Deer fat, Beef (liver and meat), cranberries, raw sunflower seeds

Guaranteed Analysis

Prot. (min) 29%, Fat (min) 39%, Fibre (max) 6%, Moisture (max) 14%
597 kcal/100g □ 167 kcal/28g

Feeding Guide


  • Train a lot
  • Are gestating/suckling
  • Are young and growing
  • Are underweight

This is a great product to give to your pet as a treat during obedience training, leash walking or hiking. There isn’t any suggested serving but we bet your dog will want to have it all.

Notice! This product is not a meal replacement, but a snack.


Before opening : store at room temperature in a cool dry place; see freshness date (best before) on the packaging.
Once opened : can be kept at room temperature in a cool dry place, in a sealed wrapping.


Make sure the packaging is intact. If not, do not sell/use the product and contact us by clicking on the chatbox at the bottom-right of the page so we can make a follow-up with you.