Beef broth 190ml – Canned – Box of 6

Beef broth 190ml – Canned – Box of 6

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Main nutrient in the bone broth.
Essential protein for the metabolism, will help for hydration, joints and muscles flexibility and resistance and regenerate tissues and organs.

Helps :

  • Maintain joints healthy
  • Muscular recuperation
  • Having healthy skin
  • Having healthy fur
  • Digestion


Glycosaminoglycan found in conjonctive tissues helping cartilaginous tissues.

Helps :

  • Hydrate cartilaginous tissues with better liquid absorption
  • Cartilage flexibility and strength.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties.


Fats found in food provide the fuel needed in order for the metabolism to function adequately.

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Water, beef bones.

No salt added • Preservative free
Made from beef bones graded for human consumption

Guaranteed analysis

Protein (min). 3 %
Fat (min) 0 %
Fiber (max) 0%
Moisture (max) 97%

Feeding guide


  • Are picky eaters
  • Don’t drink enough
  • Have a fragile digestive system
  • Train a lot
  • Are older
  • Have articulatory problems
  • Are convalescing
  • Are gestating/suckling
  • Are healthy adults
  • Are young and growing

Learn more about our feeding guide.


Before opening : can be stored indefinitely at room temperature. Store at room temperature in a dry place away from light.

Once opened : can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days.

If you’re not planning on consuming all of the broth, you can freeze it in portions.


Make sure the seal is intact before feeding your pet. To check if seal is broken, apply pressure on the center of the lid. If it can be press down and pops back up, the seal is broken. A broken seal means the product is not suited for consumption and should not be used

If the seal is broken, do not sell/use the product and contact us at : so we can make a follow-up with you.


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