Energy supplements

Available only in its frozen state, our energy supplements is a direct product from the preparation of our Bone Broth. They contain no added salt and no preservatives.

Our energy supplements are easily assimilable by your pet. They are great for dogs and cats that have a high level of activity, are gestating/suckling, are convalescing or are underweight.

Our frozen energy supplements

  • beef Fat vita nutrition animale

    Beef fat 300g – Frozen – Box of 6

    59.94 $
  • beef Fatty mix vita nutrition animale

    Beef Fatty Mix 300g – Frozen – Box of 6

    65.94 $
  • Beef BoostR 192g – Frozen – Box of 6

    47.94 $
  • BoostR porc Vita Nutrition Animale

    Pork BoostR 192g – Frozen – Box of 6

    47.94 $
  • Red deer BoostR 192g – Frozen – Box of 6

    47.94 $

Frozen products - large size

Only available in the province of Québec.

We have “mixtes hypercaloriques” (high in calories) and “viande mijotée” (slow-cooked meat) available in 3kg buckets. These products are mainly suited for high energy dogs whose diet require many calories (e.g. sledding, agility, hunting, frisbee, dock diving, working dog, etc.) and to owners who have many dogs.

To learn more about these products, see if they are available and their price, please contact us.



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