When to give energy supplements ?

We usually tend to believe energy supplements are destined to dogs, but cat can also benefit from it. In fact, domestic cats generally stay inside so excess weight may be an issue. That’s why we don’t usually suggest to feed your pet high calories supplements when overweight is an issue.

Energy supplements to help gain weight

The main reason why people give their pet our energy supplements is to help him gain weight. Moreover, our products are easy to digest.

Energy supplements are also useful for pets who spend a lot of energy on a regular basis, for example a dog practicing a high intensity sport (agility, hunting, tracted sports), a growing dog in his youth, a gestating or lactating female.

In these situations, simply increasing your pet’s portion is often not enough. In some cases, it may be difficult because your pet might not be a big eater so, despite your good intentions, he won’t eat all his food. In other cases, increasing your pet portion has it’s limits because it can be too much for his digestive system and cause problems such as diarrhea.

Energy supplements are then a good and simple way to add more calories to your pet’s meals without it being too much for his digestive system as it would if you were feeding him bigger portions.

For « working » dogs

If you are practicing high intensity sports with your dog, adding BoostR to his post-training recovery meal or drink helps optimizing his recovery. In fact, lipids are the main energy source for dogs. Consequently, it is important to increase their fat input when they are actively training.

Let’s take ourselves as an example. We mainly practice harnessed sports with our dogs. Our high season is in the winter. During this period of time, our dogs’ needs in calories are higher. Adding energy supplements to their meals allows us to make sure they keep a healthy weight and don’t lose their muscles. But above all that, we don’t have to increase their portions too much so we help prevent digestive problems. In our case, our dogs don’t have any problem with eating. They won’t stop eating until their bowl is empty.

In the same way, when our females had litters, we added energy supplements to their meals. It helped a lot for their milk production and to make sure they would keep a healthy weight while lactating.

Be careful though…

Since our energy supplements are high in lipids, they are mainly suggested to compensate a need for your pet. That’s why we suggest you use them specifically for these kinds of needs.

In some cases, energy supplements may be added occasionally to your pet’s food in other contexts. You can feed these energy supplements daily for a short period of time depending on your pet’s needs.

It is not suggested to give energy supplements daily for a prolonged period. It could cause pancreatic problems which are sometimes linked to a high fat diet, mainly if your pet is on a kibble diet. In fact, kibbles have more sugars than raw food which may overload the pancreas. The pet is less efficient in metabolizing lipids.

Moreover, energy supplements being high in fats, they may sometimes be harder to digest for pets who have a delicate digestive system. We suggest you give less than suggested.

If you have any other question about our products, don’t hesitate to contact us.