The story that gave birth to Vita Nutrition

by | 9 December 2020 | More about us

Everybody loves a good story. We personally love to read about the different stories behind businesses to discover the reason of their success and to learn more about their founders. So, if you’re like us, we figured you might like knowing more about our story.

It all started in 2011

In 2011, we were pretty much into canine traction sports. We were pretty demanding on our dogs’ pulling force and we wanted a way to keep them well hydrated and help them in their recovery after their training.

We had tried different powders on the market, but none of these products were up to our expectations or they would simply not be good on our dogs’ digestive system.

We started searching for the ideal product and that’s when we discovered bone broth and all its benefits. The slow cooking process, its great taste and the great energy it brought were all the ingredients we had been looking for in order to offer the best recovery drink to our dogs. Useless to say that bone broth was quickly adopted in our family, dogs and humans alike.

For many years …

Home cooking our broth had many inconvenient: the slow cooker wouldn’t cook long enough to extract all the collagen from the bone; the house would smell broth for days; finding the perfect sized bones was a challenge and our kitchen would be busy for many hours. And not to say that we had to freeze our broth for conservation and that was not ideal for us.

At the same time, we had started to home prepare our dogs every meal from scratch. Needless to say, that it kept us pretty busy and that it wasn’t as simple as it seems. To be honest, we were pretty picky in selecting the ideal supplements.

Having many dogs with different needs, we quickly realized that the available complete formulas wouldn’t answer the specific need of every one of our dogs. That’s why supplements have always been important in the meal preparation. Above all that, we didn’t want to give them powdered supplements to which we could not relate. We wanted something that was the less processed as possible because we could see the advantages of natural sourced supplements.

Being strongly implicated in individual traction sports, many of our friends would ask questions on the way we fed our dogs. Confronted to all the inconvenients we previously described, they weren’t as motivated as we were. However, every time we shared with them some of our stock, they were grateful and happy with the results they had for their dogs.

Slowly, the idea grew…

A few years later, Michaël (our co-founder, vice-president and general manager) had the opportunity to work as a rep in the dog food industry. His many conversation with retailers allowed him to target all the challenges and needs their clients encountered. This and the fact that bone broth as we conceived it as well as other supplements weren’t available on the market gave birth to the spark needed for us to start dreaming. Of course, there were other broths out there, but none would meet the quality standards we expected.

Our desire to make our place in the animal food industry didn’t wander off and, after quitting his job and to be true to our values, we decided to found Vita Nutrition Animale.

Since no other company had commercialized a quality product respecting our conservation method, we went through an elaborated research and development process to finally achieve the products you now see on your shelves. The results we’ve achieved were worth all the efforts invested because we now can offer the great product we would have loved to find in 2011 for the best of our dogs.

And now, may the adventure keep going…