The advantages of Fermented Veggies

by | 4 January 2021 | FAQ products

Vegetables are important in a dog’s diet because of the vitamins and essential nutrients they contain and that cannot be found in crude meat or giblets.

Vegetables can be fed in different forms but if you have a choice in the saying, it is strongly recommended to elect a fermented form.

Less carbs and more vitamins…

In order to ferment vegetables, we use the healthy bacteria present on the vegetables’ surface (lactobacillus) and we place them in their favorite environment for their growth.

During the fermentation process, the bacteria will feed on the carbohydrates of the vegetables to multiply. This proliferation transforms the sugars of the vegetables into lactic acid. This will reduce the displeasure linked to the ingestion of fresh vegetables by your dog for which carbohydrates are difficult to digest.

Moreover, the fermentation process produces digestives enzymes and vitamins which will make the fermented veggies MUCH richer than fresh vegetables.

Put your blender away

Less we know for you, but for us, we spent countless hours grinding the vegetables we fed our dogs. The job and the dishes, OMG! In short, at Vita we like to make things easy, and our fermented veggies are just that : simple.

Contrary to fresh vegetables, there is no need to grind the fermented veggies before adding them to your dog’s ration because they are, in a way, pre-digested by the bacteria. You only need to open the jar and serve.

It’s a fact, the fermentation process is like a primer stage to the digestion of the vegetables. This renders the nutrients and the vitamins they contain more bioavailable. It’s like if your dog was eating pre-digested vegetables. Quite an advantage for their absorption.

How do they compare to probiotics supplements?

In contrary to most probiotic supplements in powder, the probiotics in our fermented veggies are alive and can easily migrate from the stomach to the intestines without being destroyed by the acidity of the gastric juices.

The powdered supplements are generally transformed, and they are supposedly activated during their passage in the digestive tract, but this is not always the case. In these cases, they are not as much healthy bacteria that will make their way the guts.

In other words, fermented veggies not only allow your dog to have access to a greater variety of probiotics, but also to have much more of them for their health.

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