Why did we chose to produce supplements?

by | 12 January 2022 | More about us

Since we launched Vita Nutrition Animale, we are often asked if someday we plan on launching a full range of animal food for dogs and cats. And every time the answer is the same: nope. Here’s why.

Let us tell you a story:

Once upon a time, there was a family that had 5 dogs all of various ages and personalities.

Every day they would watch their weight.

Every day, they would pay attention to the stools they would pick up.

Every day, they made sure that each of their dog had an adequate energy level.

Every day, their dogs would be fed the same diet because it seemed to work.

One day, they realized that one of their dog was constipated, but not the others.

The next day, they noticed that one of their dog had a dull coat, but not the others.

The day after, they noticed that one of their dog wasn’t recovering as quickly as should be after a training, but not the others.

On another day, they saw that one of their dog had diarrhea, but not the others.

And so on…

Seeing this, they started analyzing their dog’s diet. They couldn’t grasp why, while they were offering a quality complete formula to their dogs, each one of them seemed to have small issues of their own. That’s when it dawned on them! What could be complete for one might not be suited for another one and vice-versa.

They started exploring other supplements options in order to optimize each of their dogs’ diet.

And their pantry started filling up with many different supplements.

They adapted each of their dog’s diet by adding different supplements depending on the individual needs of each dog.

At the end, they were able to adjust each dog’s diet so they had an optimized metabolism and were able to maintain it.

They concluded that complete formulas, as good as they are, don’t really exist since each individual has different needs.

This family is our family!

This story summarizes why we’ve decided to launch a range of pet supplements instead of complete formulas. We know there are many excellent products on the market, wether dry or raw, when it comes to complete formulas. Yet, we still believe that each individual has different needs and thus, a complete formula can never really be complete for every individuals. Obviously, there are formulas that are more varied than others because they incorporate more ingredients, but it’s always possible to improve your animal’s diet by adding some high quality supplements. Wether you do it on a daily routine or punctually for your pet’s need.

And remember, throughout his life, these needs will vary.

This is why we are proud to be a business that processes high quality supplements that will assist you in balancing and completing your pet’s diet.