Conservation of our products

by | 2 December 2020 | FAQ products

Our products’ family is composed of canned products and frozen products. Many users wonder what is the best conservation method for each category in order for their animal to enjoy all of their benefits and freshness.

Here are all the details about the conservation of our canned products (all of the bone broths and the fermented veggies).

The bone broths

No matter their flavor, all of our bone broths must be stored at room temperature before opening. Although other brands need to be kept frozen, it is not the case for our broths.

Our canning method allows them to be kept on the shelves. This will free some of your freezer space for your raw meat or your animal’s “meal preps”.

As for any canned food, once opened, you must keep the remaining broth refrigerated. You can leave it in its recyclable glass jar. For more information on the refrigerated conservation time, we invite you to consult the following article that covers it in details.

If, after a few days in the refrigerator you still have broth and you don’t want to lose it, we recommend that you freeze it in individual portions in an ice or a muffin mold. Do not freeze it in the glass jar since the expansion of the liquid might break it. By portioning it in serving sizes, it will be easier to feed your animal afterward.

Fermented veggies

Just like bone broth, before their opening, fermented veggies must be stored at room temperature ideally in a dark space to prevent the vitamins alteration by light.

As oppose to our bone broths, our fermented veggies have a “best before” date on their label. In order to enjoy all of their benefits, they should be consumed before this date. Fermented veggies can be kept for a long period if they are unopened, but their vitamins and enzymes will deteriorate over time.

Once opened, you can keep your glass jar in the refrigerator for up to 21 days without any problem. After that, we recommend that you freeze the remaining vegetables in serving size portions (use ice or muffin molds according to your dog’s weight) for an easier use. Do not freeze them in the glass jar.

Obviously, no matter the product, we do recommend that you use it in the best possible delay for your animal to enjoy all of its benefits.

If you have questions concerning our products, please feel free to contact us.