Bone Broth benefits analyzed

by | 16 December 2020 | FAQ products

It’s the “talk of the town”, you can read about it on Internet, but what does explain all the benefits of a good bone broth?

Rich in collagen and glycosaminoglycans, in particular chondroitin sulfate, bone broth is an excellent supplement to sustain the joints, tendons and ligaments health.

Good for the intestines and in a roundabout way for the immune system

The gelatin in the broth is excellent for the intestines as it acts as a glue that helps the cellular bond. It smoothes the intestinal wall and soothes the irritated intestine. It’s often recommended in case of “leaky gut” syndrome. These actions allow for a better intestinal transit and an easier digestion for your animal. As for you, you won’t have to endure unpleasant odors and you’ll have less soft stools to pick up.

70% of the immune system rests on a healthy intestinal flora. A leaky gut is more prone to enable toxins and adverse microorganisms to enter your animal’s body. A healthy intestine will therefore protect your animal against these aggressions and reduce the risk of food allergies or intolerances. Since bone broth offers many benefits to the intestines, following this logic we can say that a better digestion equals a better immune system which equals a better global health.

Obviously good for the joints and recovery

The collagen in the broth sustains the tendons and ligaments health and, by ricochet, the bones to which they are attached. This will protect the health of the articulations. The broth content in chondroitin sulfate is also important for the joints’ health. Bone broth is an excellent supplement to give to an aging dog or one with fragile or highly solicitated joints in the practice of his sport.

In fact, supplementing your animal with natural collagen will encourage the body to increase its own production of collagen. It acts as a youth boost that helps keeping your friend healthy and active.

Bone Broth is also excellent for recovery in all of its definitions. Whether is after an illness or a surgery or simply for after exercise recovery, bone broth will help in repairing all the microaggressions the body sustains in its effort.

Bone broth also helps in keeping your animal well hydrated, whether you dilute it with water or give it directly. Moreover, because of all the benefits it presents for the intestines, bone broth will help recovery of your dog after an illness by favoring a better absorption of the nutrients in its food.

And finally, it’s great for hydration and calories input

Hydration is of upmost importance for your animal’s global health, in particular for its urinary system. Many dogs and cats don’t drink enough water to keep them well hydrated. Although it’s important to keep them hydrated when they practice intense activity, it’s also primordial to assure a good hydration daily. By adding a small quantity of bone broth to their water or their daily food ration is an excellent way to encourage them to increase their water consumption.

As for the calorie input, the fat content of our “+” formulas increase their caloric level. These extra calories are welcome to help maintaining an animal’s ideal weight for lactating females, active dogs or those struggling to maintain their weight without sacrificing all of the benefits previously described.

Lipids are dogs and cats’ main energy source. Our “+” formulas are rich in saturated fat that are easily assimilable for your animals. Lipids also sustain the absorption of certain essential vitamins.

These richer formulas aren’t as rich as our frozen energetic supplements (Pure fat or Fatty Mix) and they can be used regularly without the fear of creating pancreatic problems. In case of any doubt, we strongly recommend that you consult with your veterinarian before.

As you can see, all of the broth’s benefits are interlinked and, therefore, they globally assist your pet’s general health.

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