The advantages of natural supplements

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We believe complete formulas don’t exist mainly because every animal is unique and has specific needs. For this reason, we believe in the power of supplements… But, because there is a “but”, they may not be given in any form.

It’s not because a product is called a supplement that it is necessarily recommended and that it will bring the desired benefits. As for us, we always prioritize supplements coming from natural sources.

Why? Because of their bioavailability.

Bio what?

Bioavailability refers to the amount of nutrient that is really absorbed by the metabolism compared to the ingested amount.

No matter how the nutrient is offered, it is never totally absorbed. However, since bioavailability varies depending on the way a product is made, it is possible that the nutrient may be more or less absorbed by the body.

Consequently, a synthetized supplement, for example in a powder form, probably won’t be as much absorbed as another supplement coming from a natural source (simple food). In fact, synthetized nutrients that we can find in many pet foods or in various products are generally less bioavailable than the natural form of these same nutrients.

One of the reasons why nutrients coming from natural food sources are more bioavailable is because we find other molecules in food that allow a better absorption of the desired nutrient, hence, a better bioavailability.

But, the opposite can also happen. Some molecules may affect the absorption of other nutrients. Among other things, this may happen, when we break the natural food balance between nutrients by adding synthetized supplements to the pet’s diet without asking to a petfood specialist first.

Natural supplements

This is the reason why we’ve decided to focus on supplements coming from natural sources.

We call it supplements, but in reality, our products are simple natural food high in specific nutrients. By adding our products to your pet’s meals, you increase the amount of a particular nutrient indeed (depending on the product you add), but you also increase the chances for this nutrient to be adequately absorbed without compromising your pet’s nutritional balance.


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