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Can my dog/cat take bone broth daily?

Vita’s bone broth is a supplement, so it is possible to add some in your pet’s meals daily.

Your pet will enjoy the new taste added to his meal while taking advantages of the many benefits Vita’s bone broth provides as a supplement.

Can I feed bone broth to my puppy/kitten?

Yes! It’s never too early to start your puppy/kitten on Vita’s bone broth. You just need to adjust the serving according to his weight.

What is the recommended serving for my pet?

We recommend using approximately 100 ml of bone broth for every 25 kg of pet’s weight. You can add the broth directly in your pet’s meal or dilute it in water.

It may help your pet drink and stay hydrated.

For more information, please read our charts.

Can I give bone broth as a meal replacement?

Vita’s bone broth is a food supplement. It is not to be used as a meal replacement because it doesn’t contain all the nutrients your pet needs in order to have a balanced diet.

However, you can give Vita’s bone broth as an occasional meal replacement in specific situations. You could serve your pet bone broth if he’s been ill or as a “soup” in between his meals.

Can I give bone broth directly without diluting it in water?

It is possible to give your pet bone broth directly without diluting it in water. However, if you want to use bone broth to hydrate your pet, it is better to dilute it in water.

Be careful not to put too much water because it could become less tasty for your pet. We suggest mixing 1 part of bone broth for 1 part of water or 1 part of bone broth for 2 parts of water at the most.

Can I give bone broth if my pet eats kibbles?

Since Vita’s bone broth is simmered during 16 to 20 hours depending on the recipe, it is considered a cooked food. It won’t “hurt” your pet’s digestive system, no matter if he’s on kibbles or on a raw food diet.

Can I give bone broth if my pet is on a raw food diet?

Since Vita’s bone broth is simmered during 16 to 20 hours depending on the recipe, it is considered a cooked food. It won’t “hurt” your pet’s digestive system, no matter if he’s on kibbles or on a raw food diet.

Can my pet benefit from bone broth if I give it to him only occasionally?

Vita’s bone broth has many benefits. Depending on the reasons why you give it to your pet, bone broth will be good, no matter if you give it on a daily basis or occasionally.

We invite you to go to our bone broth’s benefits section to learn more about it.

Bone broth for cats and dogs - Frequently asked questions
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Where and how can I buy your products?

You can find our products at many retailers. You can also buy our products at our online store in order to have them delivered directly at your home.

If you are a retailer and you would like to sell our products, you just have to create an account. Please make sure that, for logistic reasons, we favor online orders placed on our website.

Is there an expiration date on your products?

You won’t see any expiration date on our products because they are certified indefinitely good before opening. However, we suggest you keep your jars in a cool and dry place (before opening) because light can alter the vitamins found in the broth.

Once opened, refrigerate the broth. You can keep it in the fridge for 3 days or you can freeze it in cubes.

It looks like there is less broth when it’s liquid than dried…

Obviously, there are more rations when it’s dried. But it is important to know that, the more a product is modified, the more his nutritional value is altered. In other words, the benefits are not as powerful.

That is the main reason why we chose to keep it in a liquid form. Our goal is to offer you the best bone broth possible. Moreover, it’s important to note that what’s in a jar is not necessarily considered as one serving. Depending on your pet’s weight, one jar is good for more than one serving.

Do you take glass jars back to reuse them?

As for now, our facilities don’t allow us to take back the jars because it has an impact on the production processes and on the quality of our products. .

However, know that we are environmentally conscious and this is a reason why we chose glass jars. Glass is, of all type of containers, the most inert to the environment.

It’s also one of our projects to establish a recycling program.

We will surely tell you when the time comes!

Can I buy a unit of Broth?

It’s not possible to purchase a single unit for orders placed online from our website. We only distribute the broths in boxes of six (6) units for shipping purposes and fees.

However, you can buy our products by the unit at one of our retailers. To find a retailer near your home, we invite you to consult the map of our retailers.

Should no neighbour store hold our products, you can ask them directly to order some. They will be able to open an account with us and thereafter hold our products in their store.

My dog had diarrhea after I gave him Bone Broth...Is it normal?
It might be possible for the broth to have an adverse effect on your dog’s digestive tract, especially if he is fragile at that level. It may also be attributed to something else.

If this should occur, we recommend that you give your dog a break of broth for a few days and go back to its regular diet. After that, you can slowly reintegrate the broth into its diet as a soup (slightly diluted with water) and pay attention to your animal in the following hours.

Once opened, how long will the fat be edible?
Since our fat is pure, it will preserve its freshness for many days in the refrigerator. As you would do with butter.

Should you prefer to keep it frozen, it’s possible to melt it and refreeze it in ice cube molds. This will give you smaller servings that you can keep frozen or in the refrigerator.

Can I give fat to my animal on a daily basis?
As with any food supplementation, the frequency at which you decide to feed your animal depends on the needs you’re looking to fulfill.

If you only want to give your animal an energy boost while offering him a change of flavour, you can give him some once a while.

If you want to help your animal to maintain its weight (for example in the case of a pregnant female or a lactating one, or in a period of more intense activities) or gain some weight, you can add fat to its diet more often for a certain period.

As with any food supplement, consult your veterinarian to make sure there are no contra-indications for your pet’s health.

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