Some facts about our energy supplements

Our energy supplements are what’s richest in lipids ; it’s a pure source of energy.

Available only in its frozen state, our energy supplements are a direct product from the preparation of our Bone Broth. During the canning process, the fat and the meat separate themselves from the broth, therefore making it easily packaged.

Lipids are « fats » you find in your food. Lipids give the body the energy it needs to work properly. Every mammal needs fat, but it is metabolized differently in cats and dogs compared to humans.

Lipids are saturated fats which are fatty acids essential for the dog’s organism to operate properly.

Lipids present many benefits for your dog’s’ and cat’s body:



They’re an easily assimilable energy source:

  • Dogs assimilate and metabolize lipids in the same way humans metabolize glucids. Lipids are in fact their main energy source.
  • Also, for active dogs, lipids play an important role in maintaining their energy level and a healthy weight.


They also favor absorption of essential vitamins to the organism.


They play a crucial role in the composition of cellular membranes and they help regulate metabolic functions.

Depending on their nature, lipids intervene on many metabolic levels such as reproduction, immunity, growth, healing processes, etc.

Our energy supplements are obviously rich in lipids and are highly recommended to compensate for your animal needs’ in regards to benefits above mentioned.