Our bone broths

Rich in collagen, glycosaminoglycans and chondroitin sulfate, bone broth is an excellent supplement to support healthy joints, tendons and ligaments.

Bone broth, with its nutrients, has numerous benefits:


For the intestines

The gelatin contained in bone broth is excellent for the intestines. Broth supports a smooth and calm intestinal wall, especially with irritations of the intestine (it is often recommended in cases of permeable intestines). This allows better intestinal transit and more comfortable digestion for your dog, and provides less loose stools or diarrhea and a reduction in the unpleasant odours associated with flatulence.


For the immune system

About 80% of the immune system is based on the health of the intestinal flora. In fact, a permeable bowel is more likely to let in toxic microorganisms in the body of your dog. A healthier bowel therefore protects the body against these “attacks” and thus reduces the risk of allergies and food intolerances. If we follow this logic, a better immune system = better overall health.


For the joints

The collagen contained in bone broth supports the health of ligaments and tendons, and therefore the bones to which they are attached. This makes it possible to preserve the health of the joints. The presence of chondroitin sulfate in bone broth is also important for articulatory health. It is therefore an excellent supplement to give to an aging dog, or a dog with fragile or highly stressed joints as is common in the practice of dog sports.


For recovery

Recovery in all its forms. Whether for convalescence after illness or surgery, or simply to recover after intense exercise, bone broth promotes better recovery. It especially promotes hydration by making your dog’s water more appetizing. However, with its benefits for the intestines, it also allows the dog to recover after a period of illness by promoting good intestinal health and, therefore, better absorption of nutrients.


For hydration

It is an understatement to say that hydration is very important to the overall health of animals, particularly the urinary system. Many dogs and cats do not necessarily drink if they are thirsty, and keeping well-hydrated becomes more important while doing intense activity. . A small amount of Vita broth added to the water dish of your dog or cat is a great way to stimulate his desire to drink and therefore to hydrate.



Our “+” formulas incorporate a higher percentage of fat. This results in a richer more caloric broth. These extra calories are welcomed for dogs struggling to maintain their weight. Pregnant females, lactating females, active dogs or those simply presenting a weight issue will benefit from these formulas without sacrificing all the advantages cited before.

Lipids are the main energy source for dogs and cats. Our “+” formulas are rich in saturated fat which is easily assimilated by our pets. They also favor absorption of vitamins essential to the organism.

Vita Animal Nutrition bone broth are made from 100% natural ingredients choosen with care for their nutrients.

The Advantage of Vita Broth

The cooking process makes all the difference in preserving essential nutrients. In order to benefit from all the benefits of bone broth, it is important that it boils at less than 100 ° C for 20 hours. Plus, like any food, it is important that it undergoes the least processing possible so as not to alter the nutrients it contains to enjoy the full benefits of the product.

At Vita Nutrition, our production processes have been specifically designed, tested and developed to respect the methods of preparation and conservation in order to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients so that your dog can benefit as much as possible from this supplement.

Our quality guarantee

Broth composition is also important to consider. It is not uncommon to see ingredients added such as sodium chloride (salt) to promote preservation and enhance the taste of the broth. This can have negative consequences to the metabolism.

For this reason, we have conducted several tests to optimize the preservation method of our broth, without the addition of preservatives or artificial flavors.

Our goal is to allow your pet to enjoy the benefits of broth without risking any negative impact on other aspects of their health.

This is the Vita Animal Nutrition Inc. quality guarantee.

Quality bone broth for your pet's health