About Us

At Vita Animal Nutrition, we believe in the essential role food plays in the optimal health of our canine companions.

However, did you know that pet food that is usually found in the marketplace often falls short in providing sufficient nutrients to meet the basic needs of your dog?

It is in noticing this lack of suitable supplements in the marketplace that the creators of Vita Animal Nutrition, passionate about the well-being of their 4-legged friends, decided to act.

Vita Animal Nutrition offers a range of natural supplements for dogs made from carefully selected foods and plants for their rich nutritional value.

Just add these natural supplements to the current diet of your canine companion to offer him a more balanced and complete diet, allowing him to stay in optimal health as long as possible!

Bone borth and energy supplements for cats and dogs - About Vita Nutrition Animale

Made in Quebec, Canada

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Vita Animal Nutrition is a young company born from the desire to fulfill the optimal needs required by today’s canine and feline market.

Designed and conceived entirely in Quebec, Canada, the products Vita currently delivers have been developed based on the values ​​that guide the direction of the company.

These natural dog supplements cater to all types and breeds, from more sporty to calm. Of course, there is no questioning the advice of your veterinarian, but by combining the power and virtues of holistic products alongside the professional advice of your veterinarian, you are offering your canine companion the best possible quality of life.

The Team

Charles Rodrigue

President, Chief Executing Officer and Co-founder

Backed by a solid business management expertise, he is passionate about dogs and natural food. He is the one who started this projects.

Michaël Roux

Vice-president, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder

Radio-oncology technician Wishing to turn to prevention instead of healing, Michael shared his experience as an high level athlete to develop products fulfilling the needs he witnessed on the field.

Marie-Philippe Rodrigue

Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder

Alternative medicine and holistic animal care advocate. Marie-Philippe will bring a unique touch. She wants to give the best not only to her dogs, but to all dogs.