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  • beef Fat vita nutrition animale

    Beef fat 300g – Frozen – Box of 6

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  • Pork Fatty mix vita nutrition animale

    Pork Fatty Mix 300g – Frozen – Box of 6

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  • beef Fatty mix vita nutrition animale

    Beef Fatty Mix 300g – Frozen – Box of 6

    65.94 $

The Vita Quality Guarantee

We all want to give our dogs the best in order to have them by our side, and to see them mature in good health as long as possible.

But, with all of the supplements on the market for the prevention and improvement of canine health, how do you select what to use and to be sure that the quality is really worth the price?

Regardless of whether your dog is very active, aging, struggling with a physical problem, or a small or large breed, Vita is the supplement your dog needs! Simply add Vita to your dog’s current diet.

You will see that this small dietary addition will greatly impact the health of your dog!

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The Vita promise:

Natural ingredients - Vita Animal Nutrition

100% natural

Dietary supplements based on 100% natural ingredients, carefully selected for their nutrients.

maximum nutrient conservation and efficacy - Vita Nutrition Animale

Enhanced benefits

Limited processing to ensure maximum nutrient conservation and efficacy.

Rigorous analysis - Vita Nutrition Animal

Strict protocol

Nutritional values that are based on rigorous and verified analysis.

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Transmettre ma passion: les sports mono-chien

Here’s the ebook many were waiting for. In this book, you won’t learn to be pulled by your dog, but to team-up with him.

Many of the fastest single dog teams are not necessarily a combination of the best man having the best dog. They are the result of teamwork between two teammates (man and dog) working in harmony and combining their strengths.

If you want to learn more about canicross, bikejoring, skijoring, scooter and kicksled, this ebook is for you.

Please note that it is only available in French.

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